About Premium Springs Water Company

Premium Springs Water Company is a family owned and operated company in BC, established in 1998. We listen to our customers' needs and do everything in our power to ensure they are completely satisfied. We understand that our success depends on this.

How it all began...

David Van Andel began his career in the water business as an employee for another major water supplier in Burnaby back in 1993. In 1998, he left the company to start his own distributorship on Vancouver Island, distributing water for the same company he worked for previously, basing his operations in Nanaimo. At that time, he serviced the entire island, from Victoria to Campbell River.

In 2001, however, his supplier sold their brand and customer base, leaving him without a product - or customers! This is when David decided to never again allow the success of his business to depend on a third party. He needed control of the supply and the customer base.

Starting over

David's First VanDavid returned to Vancouver and opened Premium Springs Water Company. This was the original van Dave used to start his business. At the time, Dave had water co-packed for him. This means that he had another water company bottle the product under his own brand name for him. Many of his first customers he acquired in the first year of business are still customers today!

Our first plant in 2008

Our First BuildingIn 2008, Premium Springs had grown to a size that justified building our own plant. A building was acquired, equipment was purchased and installed, and production began. We moved into a 2000 square foot warehouse and bottled for ourselves for the first time.

New building in 2013

Water 2014In 2013, we moved again into our new 6,000 square foot facility in Cloverdale. With over 10 employees now, we continue to grow each and every month, and we thank all of our always-loyal customers!


Our fleet a few years ago... We now have 6 vehicles on the road ready to serve!

Premium Springs Fleet

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We are celebrating out 20 year anniversary!

20 year anniversary 2008 - 2018

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