Premium Springs Bottling Plant

Premium Springs owns and operates our own bottling plant on our premises in Surrey, BC. We monitor our production quality, such as ozone levels and soap solutions, closely and record our levels hourly for quality assurance. We send out product samples periodically to BodyCote labs to confirm that the quality of the product is always great!


Read below to learn the processes our waters go through from empty bottle to filled.
Active Carbon -> UV Light
The R/O product first runs through an Active Carbon Filter to remove chlorine and organics. Then the water runs through UV light to disinfect and destroy any living organisms, rendering them unable to reproduce and sterilizing the water.

5 Micron Filter -> Reverse Osmosis
Water then passes through a 5 Micron Sediment Filter, filtering the water further. Finally, the R/O Semi-Permeable Membranes remove 99.9% of all remaining minerals!

Active Carbon -> UV Light
The R/O product water and natural spring water waits in our 5000 litre holding tanks until it is ozonated and bottled in our Steelhead Ultra 250 bottler. This bottler is capable of bottling 250 bottles per hour.

Wash, Rinse, and Sanitization
Empty bottles run through 3 wash cycles, inside and out, using filtered water with anti-bacterial cleaning agents at 140° for a deep clean, followed by a rinse cycle to remove cleaning solution from the bottles. Then the bottles have 3 sanitization cycles, and then one final rinse with filtered, ozonated water.

Filler & Capper
Sanitized bottles are unloaded into the filler head, and filled and capped automatically. Caps are sprayed with ozonated filtered water to ensure cleanliness, and the filler head is always pumped with filtered air to ensure a positive air flow.

Product Water Unloading
Filled and capped bottles move out of the filler head and onto the conveyor.

Date Coding
Bottles are date coded with production date and operator number. The numbers correspond to month, day, year, and operator. In this case 52108 1, or May 21, 2008 by operator Number 1.

Racks, Warehousing, and Distribution
Bottles are loaded onto racks and moved to our shipping area, where they will be loaded onto trucks for distribution.

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