Premium or Natural Spring Water

Premium Springs carries 2 types of water: Premium and Natural Spring Water

Purified and Natural Sprng Water

Premium Water

This is our most popular water. This water has been purified by reverse osmosis. It has been completely demineralized and is great tasting! If you are looking for water with everything removed, this would be your best choice.

Spring Water

The source of Premium Springs' spring water is Miracle Valley, BC. This water comes from a natural source, so it contains small amounts of naturally occurring trace minerals, giving it its nice, crisp taste! Mineral Analysis.


We offer either product in 3 or 5 gallon sizes. (11.4 Liters and 18.9 Liters)

3 and 5 gallon size bottled water

Water Delivery Service

We offer home and office bottled water delivery service, as well as cooler rental and sales if needed. You can have water delivered automatically once every 2 weeks, 4 weeks or on call.

3 Different Delivery Service Options:

Automatic Every 2 Weeks:

We will come automatically once every 2 weeks, unless cancelled.

Automatic Every 4 Weeks:

We will come automatically once every 4 weeks, unless cancelled

On call:

With our on call program, we will only deliver water as requested. We will send you an email reminder the day before your delivery day, and if we don't hear from you, we will assume you are still ok for water.

Small Pack

Case 24/500 ml small pack

We carry cases of 24/500ml small bottles. Perfect for your fridge, travelling, or events.

Our Bottles

Polycarbonate Bottles (No 7):

This is the most commonly used bottle for most water companies, including ours.

BPA Free PET Bottles (No 1):

We offer a BPA FREE bottle, as well!


A few years ago, there was some concern over polycarbonate (No 7) bottles. The concern was in the potential levels of BPA (a chemical building block in polycarbonate plastic) that may leach into water from the bottles. In response to this pressure, Health Canada recently performed their own studies and concluded that polycarbonate bottles ARE safe for use, and not a concern for consumers. Some of our customers still prefer BPA-free plastic bottles, so we do carry this alternative. Please be aware there is a small price difference for these bottles, as they are much softer and require more frequent disposal and recycling.


You can read more about Health Canada's findings here:


Our Bottling Plant

We own and operate our own bottling plant in Surrey, BC. To view our plant, click here.

Quality Control

Our products are tested regularly by Exova Labs. We also have real-time readings of our ozone levels and soap concentrations to ensure the levels are where they should be.


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