Accessories for 5 and 3 gallon Water Bottles

If you're having a hard time finding room for one of our water coolers, don't sweat it! Here you can find alternative solutions for dispensing water, as well as some of the other convenient things we can offer to enhance your bottled water experience.

You don't have to be an existing customer to purchase any of these products. We can sometimes offer FREE delivery in your area, or we can also ship any of these items to where you are. Just drop us a line and let us know what your situation is, and we'll do our best to hook you up!


Cradle and ValveBottle Cradle and Valve
This combo includes the valve and cradle, perfect for camping, table tops, counter tops, or special events.

Dolphin PumpDolphin Pump
This pump is the most inexpensive and simple way of dispensing water from 18.9 L bottles. Simply remove the cap off the bottle, insert the Dolphin Pump, and you're done! Perfect for camping, cabins, road trips, or small apartments.

7oz Cups7oz Cups
We do our best to be environmentally responsible in everything we do. These cups are biodegradable and compostable.
50 cups/sleeve.

Cup DispenserCup Dispensers
These cup dispensers secure to the side of your water cooler or wall. Perfect for 4 to 7oz cups.

Cone InsertCeramic Dispenser Cone Insert
Insert for ceramic dispensers. No need to remove the cap or carefully upturn bottles. This insert converts the open pot ceramic dispenser into a sealed unit, similar to the way conventional water coolers work.

Bottle Buddy Racking SystemThe Bottle Buddy 12 bottle racking system
Modular racking system allows you to design the height and width of your rack. No more bottles on the floor!

Water Cooler Cleaning KitOmax Cleaning Kits
Coolers should be cleaned every 6 months or sooner. This cleaning kit makes sanitation of your cooler simple! Comes with brushes, pads, and mild cleaning agents suitable for your water cooler.

Pet DispenserThe Pet Dispenser
Cleverly designed to emulate a water cooler, the Pet Dispenser consists of a durable plastic dish equipped with a replica 2.5 L water bottle. This unique design allows the water to replenish itself as it is consumed, ensuring a constant fresh supply of water.

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